Cache Rescue - Keeping Colorado Geocaching Clean

What is the GCCO Cache Rescue?

In an effort to help keep geo-trash out of our state, Geocaching Colorado has decided to start a cache clean-up or 'Cache Rescue' program. The program is designed to help clean up abandoned caches.

NOTE: While the purpose of the Rescue Mission is to ensure that all archived geocaches not confirmed as removed are checked on, our highest priority is the safety of our members and other geocachers!

Please DO NOT attempt to confirm any geocache that is in a location that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable for any reasons. Please notify the GCCO Cache Rescue Mission Team! if you encounter any caches you feel are unsafe for Rescue Mission participants or that are on land that is off limits. GCCO will continue to work through our land management contacts to verify the removal of these caches, but we do not want to encourage people to take risks to life, limb, or law.

How do caches get on this list?

When a Geocache is archived in Colorado, GCCO makes a commitment to tracking those archived caches where the removal of the cache container cannot be confirmed.

When a cache is archived on, the approver reads the logs and tries to determine if the container for the cache has been properly removed. If the information is inconclusive as to the fate of the geocache, it will be listed here to ensure that it is on our "radar screen" and eventually a GCCO member will visit the site, verify that it is gone, and it will turn green. Having your cache on this list is not a derogatory comment about anyone's ability to maintain their caches.

GCCO members will go out to cache sites and verify that the containers have been removed or they will collect them if still present and recycle them. This ensures that no geocache in Colorado becomes "geotrash".

If you see one of your caches on the list and think it should not be, send a note to and ask for it to be removed.
How to log a find:

    Required to claim a find:
  1. Visit the site of a Geocache below.
  2. Conduct a search of the area. Make sure that the cache container and none of its contents are laying around.
  3. Collect any container and/or trash in the area.
  4. Post a note on the archived cache's page stating that you have visited the cache area and have verified it is not present any longer.
  5. Come to this list and click "Claim Find" on the line item for any cache.
  6. An admin will verify your find and grant you credit for your find.

    Optional steps:
  7. Take a picture of your GPS if possible at the approximate coordinates of the archived cache's listed coordinates.
  8. Upload your picture if you have one.

Please note, that in order for a find to be confirmed, you must post a note on the cache page stating that you have been looking for the cache and it has indeed been removed. Please do this, even if you have confirmed your find in the original thread. GCCO searches all archived caches periodically and adds them to the list. A note on the cache page stating it has been verified missing helps greatly when conducting these searches.

Community Cache Rescue

One of GCCO's members, WitzAbout, has created a great set of icons for cache owners to place on their pages, if they'd like proactive assistance from the community to replace a missing container or log. The site also has easy-to-print and cut log sheets to use in the replacement process! Visit the GeoCache Rescue Mission Cooperative page for more information.

Travel Bug Rescue

Have a travel bug that you'd like to check on, but it's too far away? Want to help someone else get their travel bug "unstuck". A new site has sprung up to help our little travelling friends. Visit for more information.