Getting Started

Seeking and Finding Caches

Why am I having trouble finding a cache?

There are many answers to this question. Here's a few things to consider:
  • If you're new to the activity, consider finding Regular size Traditional caches to start.
  • Use the 'Arrow' screen on your GPSr; not the 'map' screen.
  • Most GPSr's (post 2002) are accurate within 10 feet, depending on conditions.
  • You can always e-mail the owner and ask for help.
  • Sometimes caches disappear. Maybe it's gone.

Who do I ask for help finding caches?

The owner of the cache is a great place to start. You can also ask the question in our Forums. Read through the past logs and see if there are 'hints' there.

I found a geocache. How do I log it on the website?

Great question. Check out this tutorial for step-by-step details.

I found a cache in a strange spot. Should I move it?

No. Leave it as you found it and e-mail the cache owner. It may be placed in that spot on purpose.

Should I notify someone that the cache is not there?

Yes. Log a Did Not Find (DNF) log on the cache page. That will send an e-mail to the cache owner that will include the comments you make.

I'm ready to hide my first cache. How do I get it listed?

Great! Before you get too far, make sure you check out the Land Management Page to see if there are any local guidelines in your area. Before hiding a cache, make sure you have read the Hiding a Geocache tutorial and reviewed the listing guidelines from

Geocaching Group Activity

What is a Geocaching Event?

Most events are casual and all geocachers are welcome to attend. Generally there will be some snacks, a game or temporary caches to find during the event, and a few announcements. There's plenty of time for small talk; trade secrets with other cachers, or get clues to that one you can't find. It's always interesting putting a face with a login name.

How do I become a member of Geocaching Colorado?

Becoming a member is easy. Read and agree to the Geocaching Colorado bylaws & mission statement. Sign into the Forums and post in the 'New Members' what area/county you're in. They will add you to that regions member list. From time to time, you may receive e-mails with information regarding caches in your area.

What does it cost to be a member?

There are no membership dues, and there are no other costs associated with the group.

What are the benefits of membership?

Great question. The benefits of membership are really determined by how active a member you'd like to be. This entire website is driven by members suggesting what they'd like to see. Actively planning an event / activity, helping organize CITO (Cache-in/Trash-Out) events bring personal enjoyment to many. It's all up to you. Regardless of how active you choose to be, we're really glad you chose to be part of Geocaching Colorado.