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Have you been tantalized and/or intrigued with the possibilities of hosting your own event? Have you ever wondered just what the logistics are to arrange an event?

Getting an event cache published is easier than you (probably) think and, once you create and host an event, you can join a group of elite cachers in earning the coveted Event Host icon for your profile ~ as well as being able to entertain and socialize w/a plethora of friends and potential new friends in the GeoCommunity! What could be better than that?

The best part of all is that events can be ANYthing you would like them to be. Are you a fan of Star Trek? Hold a Star Trek Appreciation event. Do you like playing board games? Offer an opportunity for your GeoFriends to bring their own favorite game and everyone can play and share. Are you soon leaving to return to the Czech Republic? Perhaps you could host a Meet & Greet to celebrate your time here. Oh wait, k-lord is already doing that in March. The possibilities, truly, are endless.

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