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GCCO President's Column – February 2011

What does GCCO do for me?
Why do we need a state group?

These are both good questions I've heard in the Geocaching community over the years. As the new president this year, I am asking myself these questions and working to give some answers. But you will see here that the answers go beyond the questions.

Having a central group to represent the state of Colorado gives us many ways to provide things to the community that would be hard or impossible for any one individual to do on their own.

• GCCO is involved in producing a high quality state geocoin, and has being doing so for a number of years, and plans to continue to do so going forward.

• GCCO hosts the website to provide information and the forums for communications within the community and on different topics.

• GCCO provides a central contact for outside agencies, with the advantage of continuity that continues beyond any single individual.

• GCCO is involved in helping host events and puts on some of the bigger events in the state.

• GCCO coordinates and provides education in geocaching at many levels.

These things and more are what GCCO does for you now.

My challenge to myself and to the board this year is to try to answer this question: “What can we do to improve the value of GCCO?”

GCCO already gives a lot of value. But we can do more, and we can do better in some areas. One of the areas we want to improve is communications for what is going on with the state group and the board. Last year the board took another step towards that end by making a number of the board meetings open and listed as Geocaching Events. I know there was some question about having a Geocaching Event that was limited to a meeting. But it is an accepted practice that preceded GCCO in this state, and is used by many other groups in other areas. I think most people will see there is great value in the ability to see what is going on in person and become involved in helping with decision and actions.

Another way I wanted to improve communications is to have this Newsletter for the community. This is not the first time for the newsletter, but I'm hoping it will grow to be more than what is was in the past. I've asked the board to be involved in writing some columns, and put down myself to write a column each time. I was hoping we could have a monthly newsletter, but to this end, I've already let the challenge of January slip past me, and most of February. But I am hopeful that we can give the community a newsletter at least every-other month.

This column started with the question: “What does GCCO do for me?” I've answered some of that above. But now, I need to turn the question around:

What can you do for GCCO?

GCCO does have a board of 7 people. We also have other people who have regularly helped out – like our webmaster. We have also seen people who have volunteered to help out at events. But to increase the value of the state group to the community, we need your help as well! Putting together big events is a large chore and can be beyond the time and ability of just the 7 people on the board. And it is always a challenge to get enough people to agree to staff events ahead of time. But to grow the value of the state group, we need to grow the commitment of the members to helping the group as well!

That is right! We need you to help GCCO!

Right now, we have a few positions assigned to volunteers, including the Webmaster and the Event Coordinator. We are planning to expand the number of associated positions to GCCO to include a large number of positions. The board will be working on titles and trying to find people to fill positions. However, you do not have to wait for us to come to you: if you have an area that you would like to lead, please let us know!

Unlike board positions, these positions will not require attending regular meetings in person, nor does it have to mean running or attending multiple GCCO events. I am hoping that we can count on a number of you to be involved with events, as that is a major part of what GCCO does for the community.

Also, having a title for one area does not limit you to only being able to assist with just your primary assignment. You will be welcome and expected to offer help and assistance to other areas as well! We also will be counting on these extra volunteers to help be GCCO's ears and voices in the community. You can help make sure people know what GCCO is doing and let us know what the Geocaching community is thinking and what might help the community.

There is a lot we can do, with people who are willing to work together and doing more!

GCCO is about positively promoting the sport of Geocaching. I am honored to be working with a great group of people to be part of that this year.

Keith, aka WitzAbout

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